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Dave Fridley - Part 1: Addressing Disruptions & Uncertainties in Today's Telecom Market

Dave Fridley of FARR Technologies imparts a positive message about how independent operators can turn the disruptions and uncertainties in today's the telecom business into their advantage. He points out that operators have faced and met similar challenges in years past. He uses ITS Fiber as an example of an operator that has found opportunities outside of its traditional service offering, which is helping it become even more independent and sustainable in the long-term.

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Dave Fridley - Part 2: Target the SOHO Businesses

Do operators have a program that targets the Small Office Home Office/Virtual Business? Dave Fridley of FARR Technologies poses that question and points out the importance of this neglected market. He points out that FARR Technologies was born as a virtual company and its people are living the reality of the challenges of this sort of environment.

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Dave Fridley - Part 3: Advantages and Challenges of Working from Home

Low overhead, employee empowerment and more personal time for employees are some of the advantages of working from home. There are challenges as well. Dave Fridley talks about some of the benefits and challenges managing a virtual business that has “24 offices”. He discusses how they overcome those challenges.

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Dave Fridley - Part 4: The Logistics of Working from Home

Dave Fridley discusses the logistics and the tools they use to support their 24 offices. One of the challenges they found was that their uploading requirements provided a challenge for some of the 14 providers to connect their employees. He points to the importance of recognizing nuances of online communications and the importance of reading between the lines.

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Dave Fridley - Part 5: Working from Home Summary

"There are no real boundaries here," says Dave Fridley in the above video in the final part of his presentation given at the Beyond Fiber and Into the Data Center event. He is commenting on the fact that independent broadband providers have the capacity with today's IP services and networks to offer applications and services byeond their existing service territories.

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Darrell Bolen - The Road to FTTH Success Begins With...

Even before the first fiber is pulled and equipment selected, the road to Fiber to the Home success begins with cost accounting. In the above interview, filmed at the 2015 Minnesota Telecom Alliance Annual Conference and Convention, Darrell Bolen, Director, Separations of FARR Technologies, points to the important interplay that needs to take place between the accounting, engineering and regulatory disciplines to optimize the network design.

As part of the network design for rural areas, settlements become a big factor in determining the best way to roll-out FTTH. Bolen talks about the differences between average schedule and cost-basis settlements and the advantages of switching to cost-basis settlement as part of an overall transition plan to an FTTH Network.

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Shows & Conferences

2015 Shows & Conferences

  • January 4th to 7th - NTCA Wireless
  • February 8th to 10th - NTCA Telecom Executive Forum
  • February 18th to 19th - NECA Industry Issues
  • March 3rd to 5th - Iowa Communications Alliance Annual Conference
  • March 8th to 11th - NTCA Expo '15
  • March 23rd to 25th - MTA Annual Conference
  • April 14th to 16th - IP Possiblities
  • Spring (TBD) - GenBand Conference
  • Spring (TBD) - Metaswitch Conference
  • May 12th to 14th - TOC Conference and Showcase
  • June 2nd to 4th - NYSTA
  • Summer (TBD) - MTA Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - INS Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - ITA Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - SDN Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - Goldfield Golf
  • July (TBD) - NDATC PAC Golf Outing
  • August 2nd to 5th - NTCA North Central Region Mtg (ND, SD, MN, WI)
  • August 9th to 12th - NTCA NE & Central Region Mtg (NE,KS,IA,MO,IL,IN,MI,OH,PA,NY,VT,NH,MA,CN,RI,NJ,DE,MD)
  • August 16th to 18th - SDATC Annual Meeting
  • August 24th to 27th - NTCA Finance & Acct
  • September 2nd to 3rd - OSP EXPO
  • September 17th to 18th - GenBand PEER Seminar
  • September 19th to 23rd - NTCA Fall Conference
  • October 19th to 21st - MATSS
  • Fall (TBD) - Taqua Conference
  • October (TBD) - Broadband Visions
  • October 24th to 27th - Calix User Group - Wynn
  • November 8th to 12th - NECA Expo
  • December (TBD) - NDATC Annual Meeting
  • December 8th to 11th - SDATC Plant WS
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